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Oglethorpe University

Prestigious and Unique

Make a life, make a living and make a difference. These three statements are Oglethorpe's key beliefs about success. They are integrated into the programs and the community, creating well-rounded graduates.

Oglethorpe is made up of 1,250 students, from 33 states and 38 countries. It is a diverse place where you can stand out and make an impact. 

The beautiful campus at Oglethorpe University has a Harry Potter feel to it. It is the perfect home for its open-minded community who enjoy the benefits of living close to the city center of Atlanta, GA.

Liberal Arts Education

At Oglethorpe you will receive a liberal arts education. This means you will study a broad range of different subjects that are not necessarily related to your major, so you can build skills that are relevant to more than just one career.

Skills you will gain through studying liberal arts include:

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Communication.

You will develop a flexible approach to dealing with questions and the ability to think across different disciplines. These skills are often more valuable to employers than knowledge in a specific subject area.

Skills for Your Future

Graduates need to show that they can be dynamic in today’s labor market. A degree from Oglethorpe will help you gain the skills you need to adapt to challenges and make the most of opportunities that come your way.

Private University

There are many colleges and universities in Georgia but Oglethorpe is a private institution. This means you will get to be a part of smaller and more engaging classes. You will also receive more feedback from your professors and get more opportunities to connect with other students after class.

Atlanta, GA

Welcome to the home of 1,250 global corporations. Living near the city center you will also have access to fun places to spend your free time, such as Fox Theatre and Piedmont Park.

Unique Courses

Oglethorpe University's approach to learning means having lots of options to choose from so that you have the best opportunities.

Open-Minded Community

Welcome to our open-minded student community where free-thinking and a global outlook are encouraged. Oglethorpe is a truly liberal US university.