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Why Study in the USA?

The USA is home to the world's most highly regarded education model. By studying abroad here you are choosing to keep your options open for longer because you can try different subjects and work out which is your strongest and favorite before choosing a major in your third year.

You will be able to choose from a wide variety of majors, and at Oglethorpe you can even create your own by combining your interests into an Individually Planned Major.

While studying, you'll also have an amazing student lifestyle. Being in a new country will teach you how to make new friends from around the world and offer new opportunities as you try different clubs and societies.

Most importantly, when you graduate you will be prepared for your international career wherever you choose to live. You'll have a world-respected degree and the skills you need to succeed in your field.

Undergraduate Degrees in the USA

Undergraduate degrees, also know as Bachelors degrees usually take four years to complete in the USA. This is achieved by earning credits for each class you complete throughout your time at university.

Learning Styles

You will experience a broad range of learning styles in the US education system. Class lectures will be a big part of your course. You will also be expected to read a wide range of material and complete a variety of different writing assignments. Expert teachers and excellent on-campus resources will help you get used to taking responsibility for your own learning. This will be an essential skill to have for your career.

Your progress will be assessed regularly using a range of different methods. These include:

  • Written assignments
  • Presentations
  • Laboratory or studio work
  • Class attendance
  • Class participation
  • End-of-semester examinations.

Support From Faculty

In the USA, you will have may opportunities to approach your teachers in and outside of classes for academic support.

Each university has a different structure but usually teachers have office hours when you can book to talk through a topic in more detail one-to-one. There are also small group sessions where you can discuss topics with other students too.

Tutors are usually contactable by email too, so you can ask any questions you have while working on assignments.

Oglethorpe University

The Harry Potter-like surroundings of the Oglethorpe campus are home to a diverse and open-minded student community living close to the center of Atlanta, GA.

International Study Center

The International Study Center at Oglethorpe University will support your individual needs as an international student, giving you the skills to succeed at degree-level study.