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Study in the USA

Gain a World Class Education

Choosing to study in Georgia in the USA gives you access to one of the best university education systems in the world and a wide range of flexible degrees. You will learn from expert teachers within modern facilities, leading you to a globally respected qualification.

Choosing a university in the USA will also give you complete access to our sports facilities and social organizations for a well-rounded student life as an international student. You will also have the chance to learn about – and experience for yourself – the unique North American culture. You may find that you learn just as much from living your student life in the USA as you do from your studies here.

Life in the USA

Living in the USA is an essential part of your student experience. You will connect with students from a variety of different backgrounds by joining student clubs and organizations.

USA Education

Studying in the USA gives you a wide choice of degrees within one of the world’s best education systems. With expert guidance you will take responsibility for your own learning.

Oglethorpe University

The Harry Potter-like surroundings of the Oglethorpe campus are home to a diverse and open-minded student community living close to the center of Atlanta, GA.