International Study Center

Pre-arrival information

Arriving at Oglethorpe

If you are a new student joining Oglethorpe International Study Center you may have some questions about how to prepare to study abroad in the USA. Find out what you need to do before you arrive, visa information, and what you can expect in your first few weeks.

Arrival Guide

Our arrival guide, containing important information about what you need to do before you depart for the USA, will be available to download before your start date.

Your Questions Answered

How will I meet people and make friends?

It won’t take you long before you are accustomed to your life here and have made new friends. To help you settle in, we will organize events to help you meet your classmates and build friendships. Plus, there are lots of clubs on campus you can join to meet people with similar interests to you.

What's it like to live in the USA?

We know that moving to a different country to study is exciting, but it’s normal to feel a little bit nervous too. We will do all we can to help you settle in to living in the USA. To get an insight into what you can expect, visit EducationUSA.

Will I be able to find food from my home country?

Atlanta is a large, multicultural city with many shops; we’re sure you’ll be able to find whatever you’re looking for. There are also many restaurants serving cuisine from around the world.

What Documents Do You Need?

During your application, and when you arrive, you will need to have a selection of documents to ensure you start your studies smoothly.

Where is Oglethorpe?