International Study Center


‭To apply to study in America at Oglethorpe University, you need to complete ‭an application form and submit some ‭supporting documents.

‭Our Student Enrollment Advisors are here ‭to help you with your application and answer ‭all your questions during the admission process. We speak many different ‭languages, and we’ll do our best to speak ‭to you in your language.


Complete our online application form and submit with your documents.

Entry Requirements

Before you apply, you'll need to know if you're likely to get the grades to join the International Year program.

How Much Does It Cost?

By studying the International Year you will study for the same length of time as a domestic student, saving money by progressing directly to the second year of you degree.

Apply Now

Fill in our application form and submit your documents to start your journey to Oglethorpe.

What Documents Do You Need?

During your application, and when you arrive, you will need to ave a selection of documents to ensure you start your studies smoothly.

Before You Arrive

Every student has questions about arriving at university and what happens next, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions.