International Study Center

Why Study Abroad?

Designed for International Students

There are many benefits to studying abroad, thousands of students take the opportunity every year. It's important to consider the differences between studying in the USA and studying in your home country.

This is why we offer the International Study Center, a place for you to learn how to study abroad as well as earn credits towards your degree program. With us you'll learn important study skills for international students and continue to improve your English language skills, while also being supported by our staff and other international students who are experiencing the same changes as you.

Your Education Abroad

During your pathway program, you'll study academic subjects as well as benefit from learning English abroad, where it is spoken as the first language. There is no better way to become truly fluent in English than by surrounding yourself in the language and culture.

Feel at Home

It’s easy to settle into life at Oglethorpe, especially with our help and support. We’ll introduce you to the university’s exciting opportunities, and help you adjust to living in the USA. During the program, you’ll live on campus and have access to all the university’s facilities. You’ll be fully involved in Oglethorpe student life on campus.

Support for International Students

International Study Center Facilities

Located on the Oglethorpe campus, the International Study Center has dedicated classrooms, and a social area. For use by international students only, you’ll meet people from all over the world who have taken the opportunity to study abroad, just like you.

Career and Academic Support

At the Oglethorpe International Study Center, you’re exposed to career skills right from the start. We’ll also give you career and academic advice. 


International Year

Study academic subjects and improve your English language skills while you adjust to life in the USA with our International Year program.

Entry Requirements

Before you apply, you'll need to know if you're likely to get the grades to join the program.