International Study Center

About the International Study Center

Support at Every Step

Our program at the International Study Center will help you adjust to learning in the USA during your first year studying abroad at Oglethorpe University.

As experts in preparing international students for their programs, our support and guidance will help you to improve your English language skills and gain the academic knowledge you need to progress.

We’re here to help you get the most out of your study abroad opportunities, and guide you as you settle in to your new life in the USA.

Designed to be Different

At Oglethorpe, you’ll study the University's core curriculum from the first day of your International Year program. You will learn alongside other international students who are also starting to their study abroad journey, so you’ll make friends whilst studying towards your degree.

You will study practical career skills, and subjects you feel passionate about. When you graduate, you’ll be a well-informed individual who stands out and is ready for success.

Why the International Study Center?

What does the International Study Center offer international students? What makes it different to the University?

Campus Life

Our beautiful campus has a ‘Harry Potter’ feel to it, and is focused on creating an open-minded community.

Living at University

You can choose from several options of student housing. Each offers a supportive environment with shared areas for relaxing and events.

Your Future

Oglethorpe provides many opportunities to help you work towards your career goals. Whether its an internship, skills or just advice, everything you need is here.